Winter 2010 Classes

Bookcloth for Bookbinding

Prepare (and re-purpose) muslin flour sacks from Montreal to be bookcloth, using both a traditional starch method and an archival heat method. Known as cloth 'backing', these two methods will allow you to bind with almost any fabric. Test the properties of your bookcloth by binding a cloth covered notebook.

February 7th, 1:00-4:00
Tool list provided on registration

Stitches in Time

MacArthur Fellow Clair Van Vliet is the proprietor of Janus Press, founded in 1955. Betsey Palmer Eldridge is a book conservator renowned for researching book sewing structures. In this class you will bind a copy of her pamphlet Stitches and Sewings for Bookbinding Structures using the Of Gravity and Grace structure developed by Clair Van Vliet. This is a clever way to give any pamphlet or chapbook a cloth-covered square spine that can be titled. Your new reference book diagrams 60 stitches and sewings!

February 14th, 1:00-4:00
Tool list provided on registration

Chinese Thread Binding

Sewn bindings of this type were developed in China. The techniques spread to Japan and then to much of Asia. In part, what makes the Chinese versions unique is the paper. China is credited with the invention of paper. Chinese paper is distinct both technically and decoratively, and until very recently, little of it was exported. It is a pleasure to work with these interesting and beautiful 'new' papers. In class, you will bind a sewn butterfly book, a stab book and a 4-hole book.

February 20th, 1:00-4:00
Tool list provided on registration