Summer 2012 Classes

Full Tilt Bookbinding
at Women's Studio Workshop in beautiful upstate New York

This class focuses on one book structure at a time, condensing the lectures and demonstrations to cover material quickly. Each day begins with a structured 3 hour class. Each afternoon, participants will have studio time to complete their book and to build another in response. The first day we will bind a sewn hardcover book (a Bradel binding) and then move on to books with and without sewing, books that do not look ‘handmade’ and books that do, fitted archival boxes for books and books that problem-solve the use of heavy papers, digital coated papers, unusual materials, and larger editions. Beginners are welcome and will find expert introductory instruction. Those with more experience can practice, refine, and expand their book repertoires.

July 9-13
limited to 7 students
register through Women's Studio

DIY Books and Boxes
at Cooper Union in beautiful downtown New York City

Learn to make professional, archival books and boxes, on your own, with simple hand tools. We will learn the double fan-glue method, and bind both a paperback and a hardcover book. This binding opens completely flat and works well with digitally printed photos, artist prints and POD-style books. This method also allows you to make a new cover and to make simple repairs for standard paperback and hardcover books. We will also construct a classic cloth-covered slipcase with a ribbon pull and an Asian box with clasps. We will look at the materials and tools required, both traditional and modern, and including pressure sensitive archival glue that avoids all the accidental glue splatter. Expect to leave the class with 2 finished books and 2 finished boxes, and ideas for many more.

July 14 and 21
register through Cooper Union

The American system of continuing education originated at The Cooper Union with its founding in 1859. Peter Cooper, inventor, industrialist, and philanthropist, wanted to bring first-class educational opportunities to adults in New York and devoted his entire fortune to that goal. For over 150 years, The Cooper Union has maintained this tradition of outstanding courses for adults in its Department of Continuing Education. Summer classes are open to all.

Susan Mills has taught hand bookbinding at Cooper for more than 20 years.

Bookbinding Now

In conjunction with the hands-on classes,
Full Tilt posts bi-weekly audio podcasts at Bookbinding Now.

Full Tilt Field Notes

Susan Mills posts occasional tutorials and bookbinding-related
news at Full Tilt Field Notes.