Spring and Summer 2015 Classes

Sewing on a Sewing Frame

Bookbinding sewing frames were in use in Northern Europe by the 12th century and probably as early as the 11th. The frames remain more or less unchanged today and sewing on a frame is also unchanged. In this class we will set up and sew a multi-section book, on tapes, on a frame. The addition of a sturdy paper cover offers many design possibilities. Bring a $10 material fee with you to class.

Sunday, May 10th, 10:00-12:30
Registration for this class is now closed

Link Stitch Book with Lamontage Fabric Covers

The link stitch binding is a historical binding that looks surprisingly modern. It is named for the chains of sewing stitches linking across the spine. The books are flat when open, constructed without glue and are very sturdy. Lamontage fabric makes a wonderful book cover - it is made from acrylic/polyester fibers intricately cut, blended and layered by hand, then mechanically interlocked by needle punching. Bring a $10 material fee with you to class.

Sunday, May 10th, 1:30-4:00
Registration for this class is now closed

UnCommon Pages at Freshkills Park Tour and Workshop

The Freshkills Park site is in a continual phase change from landfill to park, a conceptual and physical reclamation. For her project UnCommon Pages, Susan harvested the invasive plant species Phragmites (also known as the common reed) on site at the park, then undertook the labor-intensive process of transforming this raw material into paper sheets. Over a series of workshops led by Susan, these sheets are being bound as the covers for 2,000 passport-sized Field Notebooks. Co-sponsored by Freshkills Park and The Center for Book Arts

Saturday, May 9th, 11:30am-4:00pm
Off site: Freshkills Park, Staten Island
with transportation provided
Cost: $20
more info and registration through The Center for Book Arts

Susan Mills is teaching Full Tilt Bookbinding
August 10th-14th at Women's Studio Workshop in Upstate New York
information/registration here.

The class is limited to 7 students and meets each day from 9:00-4:00 with a catered lunch. The studios are open from 7AM-11PM for additional work time. Women’s Studio Workshop is located 1.5 hours north of NYC. There is frequent Adirondack Trailways bus service from NYC’s Port Authority to Rosendale. WSW maintains an extensive list of housing options which include B&Bs, rooms in neighbors’ homes, and in a new boutique hotel – all within a few miles of WSW. (Having a car is not absolutely necessary.)

In conjunction with the hands-on classes,

Full Tilt posts bi-weekly audio podcasts at Bookbinding Now.