Summer 2014 Classes

Susan Mills is teaching I Sing the Book Electric July 12th-13th at The Center for Book Arts in NYC.  The class is part of the nine day Summer Visual Poetry Intensive; information/registration here.

I Sing the Book Electric  

This workshop investigates what the body of the book might be – the internal body and the external body and all the places in between. We will work with pencil and bonefolder, with writing and folding, with drawing and sewing, with cutting and page-turning, and with painting, gluing; altering, inking and placing. We will hands-on consider historical and modern book structures, visual poetry, artist’s books, collaborations between poets and artists, and visual art with text. Most of all – we will make books - chapbooks, artist’s books, one-of-a-kind books, editions, scrolls, collaborations, booklets, accordions, concertinas.....

Susan Mills is teaching Full Tilt Bookbinding
July 7th-11th at Women's Studio Workshop in Upstate New York
information/registration here

The class is limited to 7 students and meets each day from 9:00-4:00 with a catered lunch. The studios are open from 7AM-11PM for additional work time. Women’s Studio Workshop is located 1.5 hours north of NYC. There is frequent Adirondack Trailways bus service from NYC’s Port Authority to Rosendale. WSW maintains an extensive list of housing options which include B&Bs, rooms in neighbors’ homes, and in a new boutique hotel – all within a few miles of WSW. Having a car is not absolutely necessary. Several housing options are very close to the studio and there are several places to eat in Rosendale. Scholarships and a $100 early tuition discount are available until May 1st. 

In conjunction with the hands-on classes,

Full Tilt posts bi-weekly audio podcasts at Bookbinding Now.